CORD Ministries (Community Outreach & Resource Development)

We have served over 150 urban & ethnic churches during the last 12 years with teacher training, outreach events and school assemblies or Bible Clubs.

During the last 8 Summers, we’ve partnered with more than 75 churches to train their youth during 3- to 5-day children's crusade called KidsQuest from 8:30 am to 8 pm in outreach techniques.

We’ve also scheduled high school assemblies on drug & gang prevention, grade school assemblies called Character Connex, after-school Bible Clubs, college mission trips during Spring Break, 7 Spirit Empowerment Camps, and Castle Club to disciple children to share their faith.

The following testimonies share how CORD Ministries has been a blessing in your life through KidsQuest, King’s Castle, Character Connex, After-School Bible Clubs, Outreach events, etc.

How have we been a blessing to your church?

CORD Ministries

Rev. Amy Boyer Kheng, Long Beach, CA

Thank you JoAnn Riley for your dedication to serving the communities of Southern California. Thank you especially for each year encouraging and bringing your teams to help us increase our outreach potentials to this extremely under discipled community, as we minister to 10-20,000 Cambodians during their New Years celebrations each year (in April)! You have stood by us in prayer and given us much valuable insights for planning and efforts in putting on the events each year. You are a dedicated and an indispensable key part of the successes we see each year! Thank you for your willingness to adapt to the special needs of this community and the culture we dare to penetrate.

Ruben Marquina, San Gabriel Valley, CA

A few years ago, I served as a youth intern at a church in the San Gabriel Valley. The church planned for an outreach festival. I was in charge of looking for entertainment (musical acts and amusement rides) and making sure we had the right equipment for this festival. I was referred to JoAnn and C.O.R.D. Ministries through some acquaintances. Her ministry was very vital in helping with the festival and making things happen. You name it: stage curtains, assistance around the event, and even entertainment (music and dancing). I am proud to call JoAnn my friend and forever thankful for her ministry.  

Rev. Barbara Gilliam, Long Beach, CA

 I haven't thought much lately about my 18 years in Long Beach pastoring. I will give a plug for CORD ministries, JoAnn Riley and how she helped us reach families and connect with the neighborhood children JoAnn has plowed many a hard ground and persevered. Encourage her and support her as she seeks to take her ministry across the nation. 

We love JoAnn!

Isabella Simpson, Apple Valley, CA

We love JoAnn!

Rev. Mike Moccardini, Santa Barbara, CA

JoAnn and her ministry has been a huge blessing to our church- we had JoAnn as her team run a kids program for our church retreat and did an incredible job - we’ve had her share with our seniors and women and church and is always an example of faith and God’s amazing grace.

Rev. Leslie A. Brewer, Mentone, CA

 JoAnn Riley has a God-given gift for raising up and training people for ministry. We are so thankful for the time she spent in securing people to help our early church plant in the area of children and youth ministry. Still seeing fruit!  

King's Castle USA So/Cal

Rev. William Hunter, Winterhaven, CA

Hola hermanos, amigos y pastores! Nosotros tuvimos a JoAnn Riley y un grupo de sus estudiantes en nuestra congregación hace algunos años. Estuvieron cinco días en los que entrenaron a nuestros jóvenes para alcanzar nuestra comunidad.

Durante el día eran entrenados, y lo que creo que fue de más bendición, es que fueron ministrados en sus necesidades personales, y en tarde salían a invitar a toda la comunidad para que vinieran y fueran parte del servicio de la noche, en el que ellos ministraban. Nuestros jóvenes aprendieron mucho y crecieron en esos días.

El resto de la congregación también se envolvió porque le daban de comer a todos los jóvenes durante el día y también participaban del servicio en la noche. Fue de mucha bendición!

Yo recomiendo el ministerio de JoAnn a todas las iglesias.

Hello brothers, friends and pastors! We had JoAnn Riley and a group of their students in our congregation some years ago. There were five days when they trained our youth to reach our community. During the day they were trained, and what I think was of more blessing, is that they were run in their personal needs, and later they went out to invite the whole community to come and be part of the service in the evening, in which they ministered. Our young people learned a lot and matured during those days. The rest of the congregation also was involved because they fed all the young people during the day and also participated in the service at night. It was a lot of blessing! I recommend the ministry of Joann to all churches. 

--Rev. William Hunter

Brenda Van Meter, Fontana, CA

This is such a worthy cause. My husband and I worked with JoAnn Riley and her team for an outreach in Fontana several years ago. They were outstanding. We saw many souls saved. JoAnn and her team are annointed to carry out the gospel of Christ. What King's Castle is doing is important work. Please help support this ministry in any way you can and keep them in your prayers.

--Brenda Van Meter

Christina Ching, Covina, CA

Rev. JoAnn and her team have such a sincere heart for bringing the Gospel to children and equipping leaders for the ministry! Our church is thankful for the help Rev. JoAnn and her team brought to our  VBS and church retreats. The activities designed are always fun, age-appropriate and Gospel-focused. The children always enjoy the activities while learning the Gospel. Rev. JoAnn always prays for the children and their families. She also has a gift of identifying and encouraging those who have the spiritual gifts to serve. May the Lord greatly use the King's Castle Ministries to advance His Kingdom!

Ashley Perez, Las Vegas, NV

I want to encourage any churches considering Castle Club discipleship to experience for themselves the blessing of this ministry. JoAnn Thank you so much for supporting our church with training. You truly have a passionate heart.


A 3- to 5-day children's crusade that mobilizes students to reach their community!

King's Castle USA

A discipleship training the mobilizes students to share their faith using drama, choreographed dance, clowning, flash mobs, and illustrated sermons.

Student Internships

Anthony Greve, North Point Bible College

This ministry was a blessing for me. It was a time of personal growth and challenge. It’s a ministry that will cause you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks for Jesus. Pastor JoAnn is a great leader, woman of great integrity, and loves Jesus first and foremost in her life. This is a ministry that has bore fruit and still has much to bear. This is a blessing and opportunity for anyone called to serve under her mantle. Pastor JoAnn, thank you for allowing me to serve on your team and bringing the best out of me. I know that all who are a part of this ministry will be blessed.

Sheree Belfils, Spokane, WA

 Being down with JoAnn Riley as an intern for 3 semesters helped me see the importance of small group accountability. It showed me what discipleship actually means on both sides of the spectrum. It gave me some cultural experience in seeing how people relate to things differently based on their experiences. I was able to learn more about myself and be independent in a loving environment. Thank you, JoAnn Riley, for all you do to help train people how to be better leaders and missionaries (sharing one's faith) in this world.

Elizabeth Angela C Leyva, Kingsburg, CA

Hi I've been involved in kids quest for some years in the past in the summer and it has been such a great experience ministering to kids through skits and the whole kids quest experience with with other people who love jesus.... it has helped me reach out to people who don't know jesus and has helped me grow in christ. I'm so glad to have been involved in kids quest with JoAnn Riley and the team.


Jesse Blue, Bell Gardens, CA

JoAnn, I want to thank you for your ministry. Your team blessed our church & leadership at Full Gospel Bell Gardens in a great way. Not only did you encourage us; you taught the young people in our community about Christ. It was fun, creative, exciting, & well executed. Your able to minister to children of any background or culture. I still to this day have friends from your team because of that time we worked together. I thank you & am ever grateful to have been introduced to you & your ministry!!

Rev. Darren Hunt, Lompoc, CA

We were privileged to be one of those churches served! We invited JoAnn Riley and her team to come to Lompoc two separate times to help us reach out to our community. The first time, her and a couple of interns came and presented the Gospel through skits and magic tricks as part of a Halloween outreach party we held for our community. The next time we had her and a summer team come for several days and present KidsQuest as our VBS that year. We included an outreach night at our local high school in conjunction with our police department's National Night Out party. Both of these experiences were so great and the response from our church and community was wonderful. JoAnn has such a passion for reaching others for Jesus and it shines through to the teens and adults she trains and raises up. Thank you, JoAnn, for your ministry and living into the huge calling God has given you!

Rev. Valerie Bergquam, El Cajon, CA

I want to say what a refreshing blessing JoAnn Riley and her dynamic ministry team were to Harvest Time Church, some years ago when they came for a few days to help us jumpstart our Kids ministry,reaching out to our neighborhood! Her focus on discipling young adults; facilitating events which engage youth to evangelise kids and families impacted our church community with fresh eyes to see the lost with compassion.Thank you, Rev. JoAnn, we are blessed to be a part of your monthly support and love you!!

Beverly Adams Henry, Modesto, CA

I’m so thankful for your ministry JoAnn Riley! Our church had your team come minister to the kids in our area 7 years ago. The love for the children was evident and they still remember it to this day! We hosted one of your volunteers and my daughter still remembers when she would do devotions with her at night time. I love how involved you and your team were with our community. You guys went out and invited everyone to join the services even going into the local apartment complex to whiteness. Thank you for your service and heart for the Lord! I’m trusting He is still using and guiding your amazing ministry!

Barbara Romuld Anderson, Santa Barbara, CA

JoAnn, it was so great sharing a meal and worship with you at the Second Half Ministry annual retreat. What a blessed time we all had. Love seeing our photo together on your Facebook page.

I was so pleased that my grandson Adam spent part of his summer a couple years ago with you and the King's Castle group traveling around CA putting on a wonderful evangelistic show for children in churches and in parks. Adam was one of your clowns in the show and loved doing it. I even drove to see one of the shows near me and I was so amazed at the clear presentation of the gospel given using several different forms of performing arts and clowning. The kids were so open to the gospel and had a wonderful time.

You brought a couple of your staff to one of our church retreats and spent the day with our young children doing clowning, and many other activities to keep them not just busy but filled with the gospel. They had so much fun.
Blessings on the ministry God has placed you in and our prayer for you and those at the training center is that God would not only receive the glory through all you and your team does but that you be filled with joy in what you are doing for the Lord. Praying your needs are met as this ministry is so very much needed in our state of CA and in our nation. God Bless you, JoAnn!

How have we been a blessing to your church?

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