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But start with DISCIPLESHIP for Your Adults, Youth & Children!
(Let us know how we can equip your church with these resources.)


KidsQuest is a 1- to 5-day children's crusade that provides churches with evangelistic training and a fast-paced, interactive event to reach children and families in their community. This 1 1/2 hour event can be help in public parks, inside the church walls or as an interactive online event to share the Gospel through clowning, pantomime, Christian illusion and illustrated sermons.

Character Connex

Our mission team provides a 30-45 minute school assembly designed to teach character traits and moral values in elementary schools with a choice of 9 topics: Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Bullying, and more. Each school assembly includes:
- The Opening: A video-countdown builds excitement.
- Games: Students participate in fun activities which set the tone and pace.
- Word on the Street: A short video-clip of kids across the US share thoughts about the character trait being presented.
- Real-Life Drama: The character trait is reinforced by students who are selected to participate in a short skit.
- Super-Cool Illusions: Object lessons are incorporated in the assembly.
- A Talking Board: With the help of a "magic" marker, caricatures come to life on a dry-erase board to reinforce the character trait.

Resources For Outreach, Mission Teams & Teacher Training

Mission Teams & Outreach Events

King's Castle USA has a network of teams across the nation who are ready to be mobilized to reach the lost on school campuses, in the community and around the world through drama, dance, clowning, puppetry, illustrated sermons and Christian illusion.

Outreach Material & Lending Library

Our library of books, children's curriculum (English & Spanish), video series, training material, costumes, puppets and equipment is available to equip youth and children's leaders for effective outreach and discipleship.

Retreat Center with Chapel, Dorms & Obstacle Course

Our Training Center in the High Desert (Northeast corner of Greater Los Angeles) is available for small group retreats and conferences. Our goal is to provide ministry teams or youth groups with comfortable housing, a challenging obstacle course, dorm rooms and a chapel to encounter God's presence. Please call for availability at 562-841-5298

Leadership Training Seminars

Schedule teacher training, leadership development and outreach preparation to equip your lay leaders to disciple and mobilize students to share their faith. We'll come to your church or your leaders & students can attend a 1- to 5-day retreat at our training center in the High Desert. Please call 562-841-5298 for availability on a love-offering basis.

Missionary Housing

Missionaries: If you're ever passing through Minot, ND,  we'd love to  invite you to be a  guest for a few nights of rest and relaxation. With advance notice, we'd love to reserve a fully-furnished 2-bedroom apartment for missionary families while itinerating.