Here is one of the amazing churches we visited this summer as we witnessed God raising up an army of mighty warriors!


Let's welcome VIVA Church to King's Castle USA... Getting ready for Christ's return. Are you ready?

What is King's Castle USA?

One of the evangelistic resources provided by CORD MINISTRIES is King's Castle USA! We're equipping churches in the US to mobilize their students to share the Gospel. Students who feel called to serve as LAST HARVEST WARRIORS around the world will be mobilized to help launch King's Castle in other countries by training national leaders to disciple their own children and youth to share the Gospel. We're not just a mission team, we're equipping churches to mobilize students to reach the Nations!

¿Qué es el castillo del rey?

¡Uno de los recursos asombrosos proporcionados por CORD Ministries es la capacitación en discipulado y los equipos de extensión a través de Castillo del Rey Estado Unidos!


We'll be training churches all across the USA in 2019 to implement Castle Outreach Teams for their youth & young adults and to use the new English version of Castle Club curriculum to disciple their children & youth to share the Gospel. Let us know how you can partner with us or join our team TODAY!

King's Castle International

King's Castle (Castillo del Rey in Spanish) is currently in 41 countries around the world. Our goal in the United States is to equip churches to disciple their children and youth to: (1) develop the disciplines of study the Bible, (2) apply it to their lives, and (3) share their faith in their community and across the USA. We're praying for a mighty army of LAST HARVEST WARRIORS who will unite together to reach the Nations for Jesus.

City To City Tour

We could be coming to city near you! Stay tuned to find out what cities we will be visiting as we train churches with the new English edition discipleship curriculum!

2018 KCUSA So/Cal Summer Warriors Camp

Obstacle Course and hiking at Warriors Camp with Weekend Warriors and Guardians of the Vision-- Kings Castle SoCal.

Spirit Empowerment camp '18

Who's ready for Spirit Empowerment Camp 2018? We are praying for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as the students in Castle Club prepare to share the gospel!

CORD Ministries - Mobilizing Students to Reach The Nations

Check out this great video

Engage My Life (Greater Los Angeles)

Get involved in Engage My Life So/Cal with our summer mission trips or Spring & Fall college student training to REACH THE NATIONS WITH THE GOSPEL:


Summer, 2018 was our 8th Summer to provide churches with KidsQuest, a 3- to 5-day children's crusade to share the Gospel through drama, pantomime, Christian illlusion, clowning and illustrated sermons.

2017-18 CORD Ministries Update

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